Raising Allergy Awareness

A staggering 150 million people in Europe alone suffer from chronic allergic conditions. By 2025, it is predicted that half of the EU will be affected. That’s 370.5 million people living with these conditions every day.

It is widely believed that these conditions develop in childhood and that once you’re an adult, you’re “safe”. If you were affected as a child, would probably “grow out” of it.

Unfortunately, these assumptions are wrong.

Many people are discovering every year that chronic allergic conditions can appear at any age, whether you suffered as a child or not. Children don’t always grow out of their allergies either and can spend decades trying to work out how to manage their symptoms.

What’s more distressing is that if you have one condition, you’re more likely to develop another.

Every year UK Allergy Awareness Week aims to raise awareness for those living with these conditions, offering support in finding ways to manage symptoms and live normal lives.

This guide was built to help raise awareness, bringing together information on Eczema, Asthma, Hay Fever (Allergic Rhinitis), and Hives (Urticaria). Each section will explain each condition and its variations, as well as suggest management techniques and products that can be used alongside medication prescribed by a GP or specialist.

Finally, the guide shares stories from people living with each condition, and their journey through flare-ups and the battle to manage their allergies.

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Hay Fever