The response to our wonderful wool collection has been overwhelming, this 100% British product a sumptuous way to support the domestic farming industry. Fashioned from materials sourced within 100 miles of the factory in Cumbria, these carpets are also one of the greenest choices of flooring available on the market.

But what else makes this 2-ply high twist yarn such a winner£ Perhaps the tempting shades and textures, the sheer feel of these carpets on your bare feet as you glide across the living room floor. All of this goes without saying, but what makes our British wool offering so unique is the benefit that it brings to those who suffer from allergies.

Carpet allergies are all too common, yet manufacturers in the industry continue to do little to combat the problem. With Sisal & Seagrass, you can be sure that production is free from artificial colours or dyes and chemical treatments alike. You can also rest safe in the knowledge that no after-treatments are used on any of our wool carpets, making this the perfect product for those who suffer from allergies brought about by traditional carpet choices.

We know that wool floors must have suave design and caressing feel, Sisal & Seagrass bringing this in a package suitable for allergy sufferers everywhere. We are always looking at ways to improve the customer-friendly nature of our products, so whether you opt for delicious Dorset Down or perhaps a refined Romney design, you can be sure that it was woven with you in mind.

Now, thanks to Sisal & Seagrass, everyone can enjoy the underfoot comfort of premium wool carpet in their home.