The Sisal & Seagrass team continue to look for ways to make a difference to not only our homes but our planet.

A fascination with natural and sustainable materials has resulted in a collection of rugs and floors that make it easier than ever to invest in sustainable and ethical products to be used within home design. But we’re always keen to expand and evolve our range to make sure that you can invest in our products, knowing that they are not having a negative impact on the world around us.

Now, more than ever, consumers are more awake to the importance of investing in sustainable materials, and we are pleased to announce the arrival of our new Easy Fit backing.

This practical and soft backing has been created using 100% recycled plastic bottles that normally would be discarded into landfill sites or find their way into our oceans and waterways.

As with any good rug or carpet backing, Easy Fit enables you to place your rug on hard surfaces reducing slips and movement while protecting your floor. Most importantly, Easy Fit backed carpets can be fitted in a traditional way without the need for adhesives.

Currently, this backing is available on our Coastline and Moorland Boucle Xtra collections. As with all our floors, you can request samples to test them out in your own home.