The last week in April is Allergy Awareness Week (22–29 April), an annual event devised to raise awareness of people living with allergies – and in the UK alone, that’s a huge percentage of the population. According to figures a staggering 44 per cent of British adults now suffer from at least one allergy, and almost half of those affected have more than one. Those figures include many people who suffer from sensitivity to the chemicals used in carpet manufacturing, which can, in some, trigger respiratory problems, headaches and other unpleasant reactions.

Does this mean allergy sufferers can’t enjoy the sumptuous feel of carpet in their homes? Far from it. We are extremely proud to say that our 100 per cent British pure wool carpetis not only gorgeously soft underfoot and strikingly beautiful but also entirely chemical free– making it the perfect product for allergy sufferers. The production process involves absolutely no artificial dyes, and because wool is a naturally fire-retardant and moth- and mould-resistant material, there’s no need to apply any chemical after-treatments. What’s more, when you choose one of our pure wool carpets you can be confident you’re buying a product with impeccable green credentials and supporting the British farming industry into the bargain; all the wool used is sourced from sheep farms within 100 miles of the factory in the Cumbrian countryside, keeping the carbon footprint as low as possible.

If you want to know more about our Pure Wool Carpet’s allergy-free credentials, click here to read about how it passed independent tests with flying colours. Eco-endorsements aside, what makes this 2-ply twist carpet such as winner is its luxurious texture and truly stunning natural colours – you really have to see it (and feel it!) for yourself, so just ask us for samples.

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