What is Host Dry Carpet Cleaner and how does it work?

Host carpet cleaner is a soft, natural product that is environmentally friendly. Host cleaner consits of tiny sponges moistened with water and detergent and a small amount of cleaning liquid. Like a sponge, Host dissolves, absorbs and traps soil, spots and odours as it is brushed through the carpet. The soiled sponges are removed through vacuuming when dry. Your carpet is dry and clean after you have vacuumed.

Host is ideal to clean and remove spots and spills for your carpet. Use Host to keep key areas clean where carpeting gets dirty from foot traffic such as stairways, hallways, doorways and mats/ rugs.

Even though your carpet may look clean, it may not be! Deposits from foot traffic create an oily film on the floor by coating the fibres. Soil and dirt will stick to this coating.

Clean up spots and spills before they become permanent. To prevent spots and spills from becoming permanent, clean them up as soon as they occur. However, realise that some things can permanently stain (or remove colour from) the carpet immediately and this cannot be reversed. If you are entertaining don't wait until your guests have gone - speed is of the essence.

Remember: The colour in some (but not many) carpets is not colour fast and some colour loss can occur. Usually this is slight and much more acceptable than the spill or soiled area! Always carry out a test with Host in an inconspicuous area of the carpet.

Always read the instructions as different fibre floorings need to be treated differently with Host Dry Carpet Cleaner.


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