If you’re a regular Pinterest browser, or you like to keep up with any interiors blogs or magazines, you’ll have noticed that layered rugs are everywhere right now. It’s all part of the wider “texture” trend, whereby contrasting tactile materials are taking over from colour and pattern to provide the wow factor in interiors – think rough concrete set against smooth velvet, or polished metallic surfaces teamed with distressed or rustic finishes. It’s great news for minimalists or fans of Scandinavian style, as it means you can stick to a palette of just one or two colours and still give a room depth and bags of visual interest by introducing wall hangings, throws, carpets, rugs and runners to build up an inviting and cosy scheme.

If you’re keen to try rug layering, our custom rugs make an ideal durable base. Pick a goes-with-anything neutral colour such as Seagrass Panama or Sisal Alexandra Tofu, then cut loose with pattern and colour. For a cosy rustic look, try one of our eye-catching woven paper rugs over plain coir carpet, or ramp up the texture contrast with a silky Reflections viscose rug in a rich colour like Marsala or Dark Midnight. Experiment to really personalize your space: lay your top rug on the diagonal, or slightly off-centre.

Aesthetics aside, rug layering has a practical element. Using more than one rug means more warmth and less noise, plus an extra layer of protection for your base-layer floor from heavy footfall. It can help to add interest to large or open-plan rooms, by creating smaller, cosy areas for working or reading. If you’ve tried rug layering in your home, share your pics with us on Facebook or Instagram – we would love to see your unique take on the look.