We are delighted to welcome the Quick Cork collection to Sisal & Seagrass, adding extra versatility to our flooring portfolio. We’ll always be specialists in natural fibres, but this was an opportunity to bring our customers something a little bit different; a hard floor covering that’s still natural and sustainable in all the right ways.

Cork flooring has made somewhat of a comeback in the last few years, largely based on its unbeatable combination of design flexibility, eco credentials and health benefits for family members:

Design Flexibility

The Quick Cork collection is presented in 12 unique colourways to suit both traditional and contemporary spaces, from the lighter shades of Champagner White and Primus Sand to the warm and alluring Country Brown. Whether you seek a design that’s true to the natural aesthetic of cork, or instead want to inject some punchy colour, Quick Cork will provide a solution packed full of texture and style.

Eco Credentials

Quick Cork is produced using bark that has been sourced with the environment firmly in mind. Cork trees have a lifespan of 200 years and regenerate their bark very quickly once a careful harvesting has taken place. This means that no trees need to be felled during the manufacture of Quick Cork, and ecosystems can continue to function without disruption.

Health Benefits

Much like our Pure Wool broadloom carpet, Quick Cork brings a string of health benefits to members of the family. These floors will not absorb dust and are also resistant to bacteria and fungus, fantastic news for those who typically suffer from allergies or asthma. All components of Quick Cork are produced using formaldehyde-free materials, without Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions.

Design flexibility, eco credentials and health benefits are reason enough to explore Quick Cork, however the collection’s talents do extend further. For example, did you know that cork flooring is widely recognised as an acoustic leader due to its ability to reduce noise in the home? It’s also durable and long-lasting, arriving with a 15-year residential warranty. This means your new underfoot look will retain its appeal for time to come!

View the Quick Cork collection, here.