With Wool Week 2019 just around the corner (7th October – 20th October) we thought we would highlight the benefits of wool and how to bring this wonderful fibre into your home.

Wool has been around a considerably long time with clothing and coverings found dating back to the Stone Age. Where its use in the ancient times was a necessity, our love for modern wool has not faltered and the warmth and cosiness that we associate with it has grown into our home interiors.

It’s not just comfort, in a world where sustainability is a concern for consumers wool is a renewable fibre source and biodegradable within soil, meaning it won’t end up in landfill.

Frightened it won’t keep up with your busy household? Wool is hard-wearing and therefore is a perfect material for carpets with its natural coating providing a protective layer that is resistant to spills. It’s easy to clean without having to use chemicals such as bleach which is why hotels and offices often use wool carpets.

Those that suffer from allergies look at using wool for it’s natural air filter properties and rather than absorbing dust particles its organic construction provides a protective barrier meaning no dusty build up. It’s also a fibre that doesn’t absorb common smells such as sweat as wool quickly releases any fluid particles which is why you don’t often see soggy sheep!

Three Fun Facts on Wool:

  • A single fibre of wool is thinner than a single human hair
  • One sheep can produce up to 4.5lbs of wool
  • Sheep are shawn every 12 months and grow a new fleece every year

So, what about our wool? Sisal & Seagrass uses 100% British yarn for its wool carpet range, and these are all sourced in Cumbria and no chemical dyes or pesticides are used during the production process.

To find out more regarding our Pure Wool carpet range https://www.sisalandseagrass.co.uk/product-category/ranges/pure-wool/