Since Sisal & Seagrass was introduced to the UK in 2015, we have delighted in bringing our customers the very best in natural fibre flooring, covering sisal, seagrass, jute, coir, pure wool and beyond!

Homeowners up and down the country have enjoyed the Sisal & Seagrass offering, but this season we’ve decided to go the extra mile in meeting market demand for beautiful runners in the home. With this in mind, Ceres was born, a collection that you may have seen dotted around the Sisal & Seagrass site…

Ceres – inspired by the Roman God of crops and agriculture – represents a contemporary play on the traditional runner, with all the hearty texture you’d expect from 100% sisal fibre, but also loud pops of colour for effects that have never been seen before in the Sisal & Seagrass portfolio.

There are no fewer than 27 colour combinations to choose from, spanning a quartet of designs: Argo, Argo Stripe, Aegis and Helios. You can also take your pick from three versatile widths – 67cm, 90cm or 120cm – so no matter the amount of space you have to play with, there’ll be a style and size to perfectly suit the needs of your home.

Enjoy a breakaway from your typical nature fibre hues, with vibrant reds, purples, oranges and greens; Ceres presents runners at the tip of the trend curve, and we fully expect them to be one of our best sellers as we move through 2017.

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