Natural Plant fibre flooring should be installed by a specialist, using the correct installation products & procedure. All natural flooring should be acclimatised for a minimum of 24 hours in the area it is to be fitted. Our Pure Wool product can be installed in the traditional way and without being acclimatised.

If you don’t have your own natural flooring installation specialist we can put you in touch with our recommended installers. Should we not have one that covers your area we can assist to find one that would be suitable. Once you have chosen the floorcovering you would like please contact us at to arrange the measure. Once the installation company has measured they will tell us how much product you will need to order and will supply you with a quotation for installation including the ancillary products like underlay, adhesives and door bars etc.

If at any point you wish to discuss the installation of natural products please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to give help and advice.


All of the broadloom products on our website are 4m and or 4 & 5 metres wide so when measuring you will need to work to that width. Measuring for rooms is quite simple however if you are looking at having the products installed on stairs and landings etc we would recommend that you ask a specialist to measure it up for you. We will be happy to recommend someone in your area to do this for you. If we don’t have a recommended installer for your area we can advise how to find a suitable one.

When measuring a room always measure the widest point and the longest point and add 10cm to each measurement for cutting in. Please see diagram one below as an example.


The room is 3.50m wide and 5m long so the required would be 5.10m x 4m = 20.40 m2

If the area is over 4 metres wide in both directions you will need to have a join and will have to buy an extra cut to fill the room.


The room is 5.50m wide and 7m long so two cuts required to cover the area as follows 7.10m x 4m and another 7.10m x 4m = 56.80 m2

You may be thinking of having more than one room done. If this is the case you may be able to use the left over material from diagram 2. It is normal practice to plan each room running the same way especially if they are adjoining rooms.