So, you’ve found your perfect Sisal & Seagrass floor covering, but there are a few decisions remaining – chief among them being, do you need underlay?

It’s perfectly acceptable to stick any of our natural flooring carpets directly to your floor, if that’s what you’d prefer. However, we’d always recommend the use of an underlay – especially for areas of heavy traffic – if you want your floor covering to look (and feel) its best for as long as possible. That’s because underlay provides several important benefits:

Protection against wear and tear so lasts longer

Extra comfort underfoot

Additional warmth: 10 to 15 per cent of heat in our homes is lost through the floor, which means a good underlay can help to reduce energy costs

Noise insulation

For optimum results the underlay should be firm and durable, and have just the right amount of “give”. If the underlay is too spongy or soft, the carpet backing will flex and sink as you continually walk on it, and eventually this can lead to the carpet losing its taut, smooth appearance.

At Sisal & Seagrass we recommend using a rubber-based underlay with our natural floor coverings. We are stockists of RC ECO underlay; manufactured in the UK partly from recycled vehicle tyres, it has a very low carbon footprint and offers excellent support and resilience. Or click here for more information about our pure wool underlay, ideal for use under our chemical-free wool carpets.


Whatever underlay – or carpet – you choose, you’ll get the best results if it’s fitted by a competent specialist who has experience of natural floor coverings. Take a look at our Installation page for more guidance, or get in touch by phone or email – we’re always happy to help and advise.