The style mags may be calling it different things – Global Nomad, Modern Tribal – but whatever name you choose to give the trend, there’s no denying that ethnic patterns and prints are everywhere in 2018.

Not for the first time, our passion for travel and faraway places is having an influence on our interiors, but this time the trend goes hand in hand with our desire for greener living; it’s not about polished, highly processed items – the textures in demand are natural, organic and sustainable, and have a rawness and a roughness to them that makes them extremely tactile.

It’s an ethos that’s captured perfectly in our Aurora range of globally-influenced runners, rugs and carpet. The gorgeous hues of African earth and the Indian landscape – terracotta, flashes of blue and green, ochre and sand – are woven in dazzlingly rich geometric patterns, from herringbone and diamonds to chevrons and pinstripe, to evoke a feeling of sunshine and far-off, exotic locations. Made from coir – an incredibly tough and resilient natural fibre sourced from coconut husks (find out more about it here) – our Aurora floor coverings are more than able to cope with the wear and tear that comes with family life, making them a practical and well as visually striking choice for busy spaces. Plus, they have a natural warmth and a coarse yet rich texture that feels wonderful underfoot.

Their expressive patterns and punchy colours make a strong statement but are incredibly versatile; they’ll soften the edges of an ultra-modern scheme, add interest to a largely monochrome colour palette and give a 1970s vibe when teamed with houseplants and wicker or worn wood furniture. If you’ve used an Aurora floor covering in your home, tweet us a picture @SisalnSeagrass. We’d love to see how you’ve put your own spin on it.