The crocuses are out, the sun is definitely a little higher in the sky ? yes, spring is in the air, and if the change of seasons is not enough to make us want to blow away the cobwebs, the first week in March (5th-11th) is designated National Spring Cleaning Week, the time of year when we Brits are encouraged to declutter and freshen up our homes.

It?s tempting when you?re scrubbing kitchen cupboards and power-hosing the patio to think that energy plus elbow grease = better results, but when it comes to cleaning your natural floor covering, a gentle approach is best. All that your seagrass, jute, sisal or coir floor covering needs to stay deep-down clean and looking its best is regular hoovering with a suction-only vacuum cleaner (rather than a beater-bar type). The tough natural fibres don?t tend to attract dust, are less vulnerable to abrasion than standard types of carpet and are highly resistant to bacteria.

If the worst happens and spills or stains occur, use a proprietary cleaner designed for natural fibres (such as Host Dry Carpet Cleaner); don?t be tempted to use water or any of the liquid shampoos or mousses that you can buy on the high street. Dab and press at the stain gently ? never scrub at your natural floorcovering, as this can damage the fibres.

It you want to make looking after your natural flooring a breeze ? and prolong its life into the bargain ? we recommend the use of Intec carpet protector. Water-based and environmentally friendly, it works by forming an invisible shield around each and every fibre, repelling dirt, odours and spills ? even oil-based ones. Find out more about Intec here.

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