Why do I need a specialist to install my natural flooring?2019-06-28T12:12:18+01:00

Plant fibre flooring is like wood or any natural product. It will expand and contract with temperature and moisture changes. To restrict movement in the natural flooring not only does it need to be acclimatised in the area it is to be installed but must be fitted using a stable double stick underlay and adhesives that are recommended by the natural flooring supplier. The method of installation is slightly more involved than standard carpet and many carpet fitters are not happy or proficient in handling the products. Without the correct procedure to install natural products you may find that they bubble when they expand or pull away from the walls when they shrink leaving an unsightly gap. If fitted correctly even though the product continues to expand and contract you will never notice.

How do I clean natural flooring?2021-06-10T17:10:00+01:00

Regular vacuuming with a cylinder vacuum is perfectly adequate to keep your natural flooring looking fresh and clean. For any stains or marks that the vacuum won’t remove then there are cleaning products designed especially for natural fibre and these should be used. Never use water on natural fibre products unless specified by the manufacturer to do so. If you wish to give the product a full clean after years of use or after a spillage etc there are local cleaners in all areas that specialise in the dry extract cleaning methods of plant fibre flooring.

Do natural flooring’s stain?2019-06-28T12:11:35+01:00

Some stain worst than others however it is always advised that all natural flooring is protected with a stain treatment. Having a stain treatment applied reduces the risk of any permanent marking. Intec stain treatment is a natural based product that once sprayed onto the natural fibre stops liquid from soaking into the flooring for some time. So the liquid sits in puddles on the top giving you time use white kitchen roll or a white cloth to soak it up before any damage is done.

Why use Natural Flooring?2021-06-09T12:48:34+01:00

Not only does natural flooring add style and elegance to most rooms it helps make a house a home. The beautiful colours and textures also bring depth and warmth to any design. Naturals are used by most of the world’s top designers for these very reasons as well as the fact that natural products are better for the environment and are recyclable. Another good reason to use them is that due to their natural components they are great for allergy sufferers and unlike wool don’t harbour dust mites etc.

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