At Sisal & Seagrass we pride ourselves on bringing you the complete ‘natural floor covering’ experience, and this has been extended with our most recent introduction: underlay.

Available to add to your purchase before check-out, whether sisal, seagrass, pure wool or otherwise, our Pure Wool and RC Eco range underlays are on offer to ensure Sisal & Seagrass is your one stop shop for all things natural underfoot.

Our Pure Wool underlay is, as the name suggests, suitable for use with our Pure Wool carpet collection. Composed of 100% wool of the highest quality, this underlay boasts a 42oz weight and 10mm thickness. It is produced entirely from clean scoured wool staple on a jute scrim and is therefore recyclable in itself, adding to an overall feel of sustainability in your latest investment.

What’s more, our Pure Wool underlay is totally free from chemicals, a familiar trait in Sisal & Seagrass products, as well as being manufactured in the UK and offering excellent insulation properties. This underlay makes it feel as if you have laid two carpets with the way in which it absorbs irregularities in the floor, bringing extra comfort to your home environments.

The RC Eco underlay is ideal for natural fibre products, covering the rest of our wall-to-wall product stable including sisal, seagrass and coir. This 6mm thick choice boasts a very low carbon footprint also being produced in the UK, with a high content of recycled vehicle tyres. Prolonging the life of any natural flooring by giving it the support and wear & tear resilience it deserves, we highly recommend adding RC Eco underlay to your organic floor covering purchase.