Sometimes rugs are added more as an after-thought or quick fix for interior design. That’s fine, but with some forethought, your next rug purchase can provide several design elements to help your interior styling stand out from the crowd.

Define Areas
2019 has seen a growing trend in layering rugs to provide depth and impact but rugs can also be great visual guides to help define areas around the home.
For example, using a rug in a hallway, define seating or dining areas is particularly helpful in homes that have an open plan design.

Create Variety
Whether that’s adding a pop of colour or design to your room or injecting a style or trend, rugs add character and talking points in your home without the need for a complete redecoration.

Create Harmony
Sometimes it isn’t that easy to tie in design elements such as different colours used on walls, accessories or furniture, but rugs are a clever way of providing cohesion. If you are choosing multiple rugs for one room, think of choosing ones that complement each other or bring out different colours within your room.

Colour Scheme
Don’t want to experiment with the latest bold colours for your walls? Rugs can inject some great colours without the need to take a leap on a grand scale. For example, our Aurora, Ceres and Satara rugs provide some great colour palettes to inject colour into plain schemes.

Create a focal point
Not every house has a fireplace and creating a focal point can be as simple as providing a focus rug. Be careful to choose a rug that is the right size. Too big and you lose that focal point, too small and the impact is lost.

Get the right size
It is no longer the case that one size fits all, so Sisal & Seagrass have created a bespoke make your own rug creator so that you can create the right size, material and borders for your rug, making it even easier to find the right rug for your home.

Discover our full range or use our online rug creator tool to get inspired!