We’ve all been there. The dinner party is in full flow, people are enjoying drinks and chatter in excellent company.

Then disaster strikes – a momentary lapse in concentration and there is red wine all over the carpet. Blind panic ensues.

This could be a thing of the past with our handy tips below, exploring what you can do to care for your Sisal & Seagrass floor. With the aid of Intec stain protection, the Host Cleaning Kit and some quick thinking, you can avoid nasty permanent stains in your underfoot pride and joy. Read on as we present ‘Looking after natural flooring: a simple guide’.

Contrary to popular belief, the natural floor covering is much more than a niche option that brings an alternative look; in fact, these floors are every bit as easy to take care of as your standard carpet, as practical as they are stunning to both the look and touch.

There’s no reason why floors of this type should cause you undue stress; whether you’ve plumped for a woolsisal or coir number, there’s no reason why your flooring can’t last for a number of years assuming you treat it well!

Correct installation, opting for Intec stain protection and regular maintenance are the keys to unlocking organic flooring’s natural longevity, and in this piece we’ll explore what you can do to keep your latest underfoot purchase looking fabulous as time ticks by.

You’ll be glad to hear that maintenance is a simple process, which makes it all the more puzzling natural fibres are subject to such neglect! In fact, Sisal & Seagrass make things easier than ever with the effective and affordable Host Care and Maintenance Kit, something we recommend to all customers when purchasing one of our sumptuous wall-to-wall products.

Now we’re equipped, just how do we go about general care?

As mentioned earlier, general care is far simpler than most would imagine.

Sisal & Seagrass advise regular vacuuming with a suction-only vacuum cleaner (rather than a beater bar type), to keep your flooring looking superb at all times. As an aside, make sure there is sufficient entrance matting in your hallway areas for the removal of excess debris, particularly in the winter time when the family have been trawling through muddy puddles!

This, combined with our product’s latex backing, should prevent the build-up of dirt not only above the flooring but also below it, crucial if your floor’s potential is to be realised in the long term.

But what about spillages in the home? Isn’t this where things get complicated?

Nope, not if you act efficiently! From time to time slips and spills will occur, whether it’s children, pets, even adults. Some natural fibres are surprisingly stain resistant, for instance seagrass is a very smooth fibre and quite impermeable to fluids. However, your lighter fibres such as your stock sisals and jutes can be susceptible to marking, so acting quickly is a must here.

Once arrived at the scene of the crime, make sure you are NOT grasping water or a regular carpet cleaning spray. If you do have a product to hand, make sure it has come from the Host Care and Maintenance Kit! Again, these are recommended on all flooring orders from Sisal & Seagrass.

Begin by removing solids with a blunt instrument such as a spatula, then use kitchen paper, a white towel or an item of non-coloured clothing to soak up excess liquid (make sure not to scrub or the problem can become worse). After the excess has been removed, replace the paper or towel with a new one and stand on it to press it into the fibre. Leave this for a few minutes, then repeat as many times as required until the spillage is gone.

If you have Intec stain protection then you’ve bought yourself some extra time, with liquid penetrating the fibre at a slower rate, however this is not to say you should hang around! Speed is the name of the game, and if you follow the simple steps found above then your organic floor covering is sure to stand the test of time.

Even when there is a slip in the home, just refer back to this guide and you’ll have total peace of mind! What’s more, you’ll avoid the need for a professional carpet cleaning service, an unnecessary expense that we could all do without.

For further information on the maintenance of natural floors from Sisal & Seagrass, whether you have purchased sisal, seagrass, coir, jute, paper or wool, please visit sisalandseagrass.co.uk or call us on 0208 558 0887. We’re more than happy to help with any questions or queries you may have.