Trawling through the latest interiors magazines or skimming over Instagram posts, you couldn’t fail to miss the impact that Classic Blue is having on interiors this year.

Predicted as a key colour for 2020 by Pantone (international fashion and design forecasters) at the end of last year, it is easy to see how homeowners and designers are getting excited by this versatile palette for homes.

Blue hues have been associated with cold looking interiors but combining Classic Blue with materials such as wooden floors, eye-catching metals and luxurious layering, can bring out its warmer side.

We look at the ways you can introduce this endearing colour into your home design schemes.

Bold and Beautiful

If you dare to take your paintbrush to another level, then using Classic Blue throughout a scheme can provide a dramatic backdrop for contemporary homes. This effect is popular when paired with neutral furniture tones, polished metals, bold artwork and layered soft furnishings.

If you are going for this effect, then natural flooring works beautifully to create a textural feel against the bold blue.

Statement Furniture

If you love Classic Blue but are not looking to coat your room in paint, then adding accent furniture such as a sofa, snug chairs and pouffes can be a great way of injecting large amounts of colour into a neutral room. It also allows you to define your style by choosing furniture that fits in well with your scheme, whether that’s plump cushioned furniture for a more relaxed comfy room, or tailored upholstery look for classic looks.

Feature Wall

Feature walls are not a new design element, but they are a great way of creating a focal point and to break up neutral schemes. Whether you choose to paint your wall in Classic Blue or incorporate a bold patterned wallpaper where the colour is prominent, the choice is yours.

Painted furniture – kitchens and bathrooms

Painted cabinets in an otherwise plain bathroom is an effective way of adding colour interest and works beautifully against traditional white ceramics. With the evolution of quality paints, homeowners have felt more confident in updating cupboards with new colours and finishes, so it is not surprising that we have seen a rise in photos showing kitchens in varying paint finishes.

With proper preparation, it is relatively easy to update kitchen furniture with Classic Blue and pairing with a natural rug with blue edging in dining areas works perfectly to highlight your colour choice.

Try our rug creator where you can choose Cotton-Navy, Cotton Herringbone-Azure and Linen-Ocean Blue borders.

Rugs and soft furnishings 

Adding a feature rug, cushion, or throw is a fast and great way to add an accent colour such as Classic Blue. With so many gorgeous accessories available within this colour, there is no shortage of opportunities to reinforce your style. For a contemporary look, consider picture frames with bold blue finishes, talking point objet d’art. If you are looking for a more comforting space, then consider using soft furnishings that add extra layers of texture.

Our Udaipur Chindi Rag Rug includes a variety of blue hues that add that comfy feel to any room along with interest in the form of texture.

Combine with bright or pastel colours

Go back to basics and dig out the colour wheel. Blue is a primary colour and works beautifully when paired with its principal partners, yellow and red. This can result in an abstract and contemporary feel to a room scheme. If you are looking for complimenting schemes, use three shades on the same segment of the colour wheel. Want to create an eyepopping contrast scheme? Taking a colour opposite to blue, such as yellow or orange, results in a vibrant energising colour scheme. Most importantly, have fun with colour and see where it takes you.


A room isn’t complete without a dressing of carefully chosen accessories. Using linens in blue can add a fresh look to bedrooms or selecting blue accent pieces for living areas can add a hint of blue. Accessories are always a great way of changing a neutral room and keeping interiors updated.

However you decide to incorporate Classic Blue into your home, do check out our full range of flooring and rugs that can help complement your scheme.