Open any interior design magazine this year and you would be hard pushed not to see a dark painted kitchen or three. This is also the same on social media, where kitchens from classic through to modern have taken a lick of moody hues paint and proudly provide the drama at the heart of the home.

The rise in dark kitchens can be attributed to several factors, including the move towards Classic Blue inspired palettes and modern monochromes. Steering away from the gloss finishes of the 80s and 90s, the 2020 kitchen tends to use matt and chalky finishes in darker spectrums as a firm foundation for many interior styles.

Modern kitchen with black furniture 

If you are not a Classic Blue fan, then charcoal blacks and emerald greens also tie in well with this dark kitchen trend.

This kitchen trend is a perfect solution for homeowners that want to update their kitchen without replacing cabinets and door panels (which can be costly). Wood cupboards are the easiest to work with, but laminate cabinets can be updated with some careful preparation. Choosing paint is the fun part but avoid expensive mistakes by selecting one that can stand the rigours of kitchen life (occasional splashes, wipe clean etc).

Once you have created your look there are some great finishes and design partners that can really work well with dark themed kitchens.

Design Partners

Choosing the right ironmongery can really add the finesse to your kitchen. From sleek muted copper handles, glass and ceramic there are a variety of materials that can be used to add a contrasting texture.

Beautiful table setting on grey background

Taking inspiration from the best dressed table settings, continuing the dark and metallic theme around your kitchen can be achieved by looking at the materials, colours and textures that are often used on the best dressed tables. Whether that’s adding a luxurious high end finish with gold or bronze accents, or adding clean looks with white ceramics.

Porcelain and ceramic splashbacks can be used to provide a break from bold colour blocks. The addition of patterns in similar or partner colours can prevent cupboards taking the limelight and instead work as a complimenting feature.

Art in the kitchen can come in many forms. From practical elements that provide an aesthetic look or colourful prints art can often be forgotten or added as an after-thought but can help homeowners denote their style.

Similarly, plants can be added to break up hard lines in kitchens or mini growing stations can provide that ‘outdoors in’ feel along with providing a handy source of fresh produce.

Beautiful round modern ceiling lamps with light bulbs in dark blue room background vertical style.

As with any good kitchen design, lighting plays a key part in highlighting feature areas and practical workspaces. The choice in lighting for kitchens is huge, but particularly popular are retro, clean metallics or hand-blown glass effects. Both work perfectly with dark kitchens.

Flooring provides that final finish that’s practical and aesthetic. Natural rugs provide a great way to highlight work areas and create a comfy feel or break from hard floors. We provide a bespoke rug creator which allows you to choose rugs with edging finishes that can co-ordinate with your kitchen colour choice.

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