It’s all about the comfort and cocooning effects of interiors this year. Simple Comforts, is a trend that feeds on the need for simple design and materials that invokes a feeling of comfort and wellbeing. This trend has arisen from a growing need to escape at the end of a working day to a home that replenishes with uncomplicated and relaxing spaces.

Not to be confused with the hygge movement of previous years, this trend strips back the layering and mass use of textiles and emphasises the use of neutral palettes, natural materials and simple patterns.


Colour Palette

Be inspired by paints that play on natural style pigments such as cool blues and greys. Pairing up these with warmer shades such as pinks and browns provide added depth to your colour scheme. Don’t be afraid to take some colour direction from the outside world with moss greens, sands and terracotta hues working perfectly with this scheme. For those looking for the full natural look then linen colours work well for those looking for light neutral colour for smaller spaces.

Sisal, Babylon

Natural textures

Whether that’s adding large knit looks from accessories such as throws, or patterned rugs or floors, natural textures can be celebrated in a various amount of ways, from herringbone patterns or just the interest that a cleverly woven rug or floor can provide.


Signature pieces

Geometric lighting can play a key look with this design, whether that’s incorporating an oversized monochrome shade, woven shades or simple spherics.

The rise in screen dividers have also seen a resurgence for this year and simple geometric panels (often associated with Japandi style designs) can also be incorporated within this scheme.



Natural materials are the key focus for this trend with woods, natural fibres, fabrics and ceramics being used throughout. From furniture that celebrates the raw nuances of wood through to natural undyed wools, this interior trend allows homeowners to really engage with the outside world from the comfort of their home.

Materials such as sisal, coir, pure wool and seagrass can be used for a natural flooring that copes with busy households and still looks fabulous.


Let the light in

It’s not all about the material elements, but the wellbeing of home users is increasingly helped with the addition of natural light. From using reflective surfaces to bounce light around the room or pairing back windows to simple blinds or shutters, maximising light can really have a positive effect to dwellers.

Seagrass, Panama

Kitchens & Bathrooms

Choosing kitchen and bathroom cabinets that work with this scheme is relatively simple but if you need some style inspiration then look at the shaker style cabinets. These are normally quite simple doors which are either plain or wood panel effect.



This time of the year is perfect for a declutter and this design trend is the perfect excuse to ditch the kitsch (and also cut down the time spent dusting). Instead look at investing in one or two key pieces in a room made from natural materials. This could be a pouffe, sculpture or wall hanging.

However you decide to use this trend in your home, make use of our free samples service to help create your calm home look.