Celebrating the countryside, the outdoor world and natural materials is not a new concept, but now more than ever home interiors are taking on calm country themes. Recreating calm and neutral interiors not only looks beautiful but helps restore a calm and tranquil spot within the home where people can escape the stresses and strains of daily life.

Shaker Style 

Shaker styles have continued to endure and not just for the aesthetics that they bring. The practical and often simple designs are easy to maintain and update with a lick of paint – ideal if you like to change colour schemes frequently.


Floral patterns are not limited to the traditional prints of yesteryear and now come in bold colour ways. Mixing subtle chintz highlights in soft furnishings adds an extra level of interest to a room. Mix and matching chintz fabrics is also a good way of adding some maximalist interest to break up large paler spaces. To add in an extra country look, add gingham checks in complimenting colours or brushed velvets add an extra layer of aesthetic.

Nature Inspired 

Bringing the outdoors in is not limited to country interior looks, although this ethos lends itself particularly well to this scheme. Choosing colour palettes influenced by the UK countryside (greens, corns, blues and earth tones), add a truly authentic feel. Mixing these with curated complimenting materials results in a truly cohesive look.

Using natural fibre floors such as sisal, coir, wool, jute and seagrass are a great way of adding natural colour tones.

Soft Pastels

It doesn’t have to be all magnolia! Warm neutrals are particularly popular this year and add a refreshing alternative to creams and whites. If you are going for blanc palettes, consider chalk finish paints that add a softer shine to your space.

Layer the comfort 

A bit like popular Hygge elements, layering adds a comfy and luxurious feel to this scheme. Consider adding rugs and throws in a variety of natural inspired palettes and materials for that true countryside feel.

Objet d’Art & Accessories 
Searching antique shops and online platforms for country inspired objet d’art is a great way to add the unusual or talking point into a room. If you are looking for more traditional accessories then glass, tin ware and fabric finishes are a great way to complete the look. Don’t forget a bunch of flowers to add instant and seasonal impact.

However you decide to complete your look, don’t forget that we provide a comprehensive range of rugs and carpets inspired by the natural materials around us. We are happy to help with providing practical advice and samples for your next interiors project.