We all know that kitchens are the heart of the home and particular for 2020, these spaces are not only providing a valuable lifeline to connect with our households but are often doubling up as meeting, study, social and collaborative spaces for all members of the home.

So, what makes the modern kitchen and how can natural flooring co-ordinate with the key themes we see in 2020? Like most years, storage, technology and ease of movement are main factors that collaborate to create the perfect culinary hub. The focus on mixed materials continues to be a strong trend for 2020/2021 where woods, metals, painted timbers and natural elements combine.

Layout remains key and natural flooring and rugs can be used effectively to define spaces, break up open plan areas, and help focus users on dining and social areas away from preparation spaces (particularly handy when there are younger members of the home).

left to right: Coastline Sand, Seagrass Herringbone, Colossos Peat

Modern space:

Minimalist cupboards in neutrals lend themselves perfectly with wood and darker wall tones such as this example below. The additional layering of a rug in natural fibres adds a textural layer which can prevent this theme becoming overpowering.

The flooring examples are all available in our Rug Creator tool and can be mix and matched with a variety of borders to co-ordinate with your particular colour theme.

Coir Boucle Natural

Eclectic Tradition

Repurposing, reusing and renovating have been the three ‘r’s with an abundance of examples on social media and interior magazines and it certainly isn’t a trend that will be disappearing soon. With some, it is a way to focus on sustainable elements, while others may look at this as a practical way to renovate for less. The mix of eclectic furniture along, accessories and table settings go particular well with the warm foundation of natural flooring such as this Coir Boucle Natural floor (above) that not only looks inviting, it’s a hard-wearing option for busier spaces such as dining areas and open plan kitchen spaces.


Key Kitchen Palettes:

While monochrome whites and blacks remain popular, there has been a real surge in adding painted cupboards to create a more personalised scheme. Natural inspired palettes include countryside blues, light grey greens and subtle earth colours through to bold classic blues, bottle greens and blacks. A colour that remains popular are blush pastels such as salmon pinks which work beautifully to lighten kitchen areas and these are tipped to remain popular for 2021.


Stylish Storage

Whether you have a large or small space to work in, using it cleverly has been key to creating a workable and comfortable space. Whether that’s adding island storage with additional work tops or clever cupboards that hide all the useful gadgets you have been keeping for years! Along with the key colour trends we mentioned above many have found that a simple paint job can provide a refreshing new look without the cost such as this example below. Having a clear storage and work area can be defined with the addition of rugs and with grey palettes, silver and flint inspired natural floors can work beautifully such as the Agra Quartz and Boucle Moonstone shown below.


Agra Quartz and Boucle Moonstone work beautifully with subtle grey themes

Mixed Materials

Combining a variety of materials in similar tones is not something new, but the scale and products that are available to the consumer has made it more accessible than ever. Choosing matt painted surfaces with shiny handles and ironmongery can work effectively on their own but paired with stone surfaces, geometric tiling and shiny technology, it is easy to step away from a flat looking canvas and create a show-stopping kitchen space.


Whatever the trend you are using in your next home project, do get inspired with our full range of natural floors and rugs. For those with complex sized room, our Rug Creator can create a bespoke option while our free samples can help you choreograph your look.