Nothing is more tactile than the bubbled and comforting style of boucle fabrics, and this year sees this popular finish take a centre stage in home interiors. Recognised for its slightly bobbly texture, it is often used on sculptural furniture where its finish works beautifully at softening hard lines.

Part of its popularity is the comfort element. Used for soft furnishings and upholstery, boucle adds a bit of luxury to everyday items such as chairs and sofas. It’s a no-nonsense fabric that looks tactile and feels great without excessive fluffiness.

It’s this same principle that inspired our boucle flooring range. All our collection uses a boucle weave that creates its signature bobble look. Whereas textiles tend to be soft and cushioning, sisal boucle is a hard-wearing practical choice that can be used on stairs and hallways.

While many of this year’s boucle trends tend to be cream or light neutral, our boucle collection spans a variety of colourways. From the rich, earthy tones of taupe to lighter silvery tones of ivory, all are created using natural finishes (so no nasty chemical dyes). This makes them really easy to incorporate into an existing or new design scheme. For those looking for a dramatic transformation, then our Boucle Black is a great way of adding a monochrome style that can be paired with light neutral palettes.

If you’re not looking for a carpet, then consider adding instant boucle charm with a rug. Our Rug Creator means you can bespoke your boucle rug to fit in with the look and dimensions of your home. This opens up opportunities to adding runners to long hallway areas or adding that must-have feature rug as a highlight in the living room and study areas.

Our free sample service means you can select free samples of our boucle collection to try before you buy. Why not consider creating a mood board to perfect your next project?

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