With Spring finally making its tentative steps into the calendar, it’s no surprise that lighter days pave the way to a frenzy of cleaning. For decades Spring has symbolised a time to rejuvenate, cleanse and celebrate our homes, so we thought it was the perfect time to pass on our top tips on tackling those dreaded chores.

The biggest mistakes homeowners make is to try and tackle the Spring clean in one go. Breaking it down into small bite-size chunks is a great way to avoid cleaning lethargy.


It’s incredible how much a home can accumulate over time, and Spring is a great time to finally get round to that cupboard (everyone has one) that is full to the brim of things we definitely can’t part with but haven’t used in years. There are always unique keepsakes that we cannot part with, so the best way is to separate elements into ‘keep’, ‘rid’ or ‘unsures’. The best way to tackle the unsure pile is to get a trusted second opinion. It’s not just cupboards that can do with a declutter but take this opportunity to look around the home at surfaces and trinkets and whether they need replacing, removing, or some maintenance to keep them looking fabulous.

Recycle or Repurpose

This kind of goes in hand with the above. Once you’ve accumulated a pile of products you want to discard, look at whether they can be recycled or given to a local charity shop. Many homeowners discovered craft hobbies during the lockdown, so using these skills to repurpose products can be a satisfying way of rejuvenating unused items.

Once a year chores

Spring is the perfect time to tackle those annual chores such as cleaning curtains, drapes and cleaning off light shades. Most can be updated with a quick vacuum or shake to remove any accumulated dust. If curtains smell a bit musty, then take the opportunity to hang them outside on a breezy, dry day to give them a natural deodorise.

Natural Floors & Rugs

We often get asked how best to tackle natural floors and rugs, so we put together a Care and Cleaning Kit to help keep them looking fabulous. With no synthetic fragrances or aggressive chemicals, the kit can be used to keep wool, sisal, coir, jute and coir carpets and rugs clean. We have included our tips on dealing with the most common spills and stains to make it even easier to cope with the odd spill or mishap.


For more information on our clean care collection then use the following link HERE to find out more.