As you’d expect, here at Sisal & Seagrass we love natural flooring in all its forms. We’re huge fans of grey – the colour spectrum’s most versatile shade – and we’re all about celebrating pattern, via our statement Aurora coir and Ceres sisal runners. But to celebrate the summer, we thought we’d explore the natural look and showcase some of our favourite sunshine shades. 

The fact that seagrass is impervious to dye is, in our opinion, one of its greatest strengths. Our three seagrass designs – Fine, Herringbone and Panama (pictured) – all come in a stunning light golden colourway that’s as close to nature as you’re going to get. Comfortable underfoot, with plenty of textural variation to catch the light, they’ll add a cheerful, uplifting vibe to any room. 

If it’s warmth rather than brightness you’re looking for, then the deep butter-toffee tones of coir might be more up your street. Our chequered Bouclé, irregular Herringbone and Panama weaves have a charming rustic look and make the perfect addition to a country-style interior scheme. Sisal, on the other hand, takes dye well, and consequently comes in an incredible array of hues and patterns, including the pale corn colour of Sisal Babylon Grainand the warmer deep yellow of Antique Gold.

Golden-toned floors add great visual depth and richness to room schemes and are supremely versatile, toning with a wide range of colour schemes. Being a popular flooring choice for holiday cottages and seaside retreats, it’s little wonder they make us think of summer. We may be getting ahead of ourselves, but we think brighter days are definitely on the horizon. Why not ask us for your free samples and see how sunshine shades could brighten up your home? And don’t forget the other warm glow you’ll get, from knowing all our floor coverings are recyclable and sustainable.