We know that purchasing a new floor covering can be a big commitment, and while the photographs on this website will give a good idea of how our finished products look, nothing compares to seeing (and feeling) the flooring in your own home. That’s why we’re more than happy to send you free samples of your chosen material. To ensure you get the maximum benefit from them – and make your purchasing decision as easy as possible – here are a few things you might want to consider.

TEXTURE Understandably, different natural fibres have different textures. Coir and seagrass, for instance, tends to feel harder underfoot than sisal, which has a naturally smoother surface once woven. Pay attention to how your sample feels to ensure the texture is right for you – you might even want to stand on it in bare feet.

COLOUR As they’re derived from nature, it’s normal for natural-fibre floor coverings to be less uniform in tone than man-made products. You may notice a slight colour variation between your samples and the finished product, for example, but inherent differences like these add to the charm and beauty of natural flooring coverings and make each one unique.

LIGHTING Like paint swatches, carpet samples can look very different depending on whether your room is north- or south-facing, whether you’re viewing them in natural or artificial light, or even the time of the day and the season. When viewing your sample, try to recreate as many different lighting effects as you can.

PLACEMENT The natural place to put your samples is up against a skirting board. However, if you’ve ordered a bold colour or intricate pattern, make sure you check how it looks butted up against any other brightly coloured furniture or rugs, to see whether the designs clash or complement each other.

With well over 100 flooring options on offer, from patterned coir runners to chemical-free pure wool carpet, we’re confident you’ll find a Sisal & Seagrass floor that will suit your home and lifestyle perfectly. Just order your free samples online or give us a call today on 020 8558 0887 and they’ll soon be winging their way to you.