A natural drive to connect with the outdoors within home design has resulted in a renewal of interest in cottage and coastal themed interiors. The idea of restoring a balance of calm against the dynamic backdrop of family life is a common factor for many. Even more so, since the pandemic has meant that homes are no longer just a place for relaxing at the end of a day but have become pop up offices and schools. As we return to a new normal many will continue to explore homes for their multifunctional benefits, making it more critical than ever to include calming design.

Coastal themes are a popular choice, and explore the relaxing colours of seaside palettes while reminding homeowners of favourite beach retreats from home and abroad.

We’ve put together some mood boards to explore some of our favourites and how our natural floors can work beautifully with seaside-inspired themes.

Mini Babylon Ash & Mini Babylon Elm

Tropical Getaway

Think warm tropical getaways, and it conjures up the idyll of white sandy beaches and wall to wall sunshine. Bright colours tend to take on a more dramatic look, with pinks and turquoise adding a vibrant escape. Our Tropical Getaway mood board is inspired by sunshine mustard fabrics and tropical shell print. We’ve added a creamy pistachio hint with paint. All are balanced with our Mini Babylon Ash & Elm floors, which provide an extra texture and shimmering tone.

Mini Babylon Birch & Boucle Honeydew

Ocean Escape

For those looking for a more nautical twist, then you can’t go far wrong with rich ocean blues. We’ve handpicked some of our favourites and balance them with cool marbles and bright yellow accents for that ultimate look. The sleek Boucle Honeydew adds an elegant, clean hint, while Mini Babylon Birch adds a chunkier layer of texture, almost mimicking a yachts rope.

Managers Special Boucle Taupe

Captains Office

Rather than using colour palettes, we’ve focused on textures for this Captain’s Office mood board. A monochrome nautical print, painted white wood and bold black ceramics provide the main backdrop, while white terrazzo and rich black velvet add an extra layer of luxury. To tie in all elements, we chose our Boucle Taupe floor. Its rich colour and small knot detail add a contemporary twist while being an excellent choice for office and living room areas. This is also one of our floors featuring in our Managers Special.

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