More and more we are seeing homeowners looking at natural interior elements for around their home. A need to revert to organic materials comes from a growing understanding of how they can impact on the interior health of our homes. Mentally too, a connection with the natural world has been linked to well-being.

As part of the Sisal & Seagrass range, we include a selection of Coir matting and floors and this month’s blog looks at the origins, benefits and best ways to use this versatile floor around the home.

Where does Coir come from?

If you are a tropical fruit fan then you are probably aware of the humble coconut. The coconut part that we eat is just the hard husk centre of the fruit. Surrounding this tasty centre are a mix of layers that would normally be discarded during coconut harvests. This includes the Mesocarp or coir fibres and an outer skin which normally appears green. Rather than discarding these fibres, they are soaked in fresh water before being beaten and then hand spun to create a wiry, strong fibre that can be woven into a variety of resilient floors.

What are the benefits of Coir?

Coir is a great dirt trapper which makes it perfect when used to create door mats. It also provides a very tough wearing natural floor for busy areas around the home such as hallways and living rooms. An additional benefit for natural floor lovers is that it is maximising the use of materials that would otherwise be discarded. Coir is also used in its most natural state which helps it stay strong and durable.

Top Tips for keeping coir looking great?

Use a dry clean or dedicated cleaning system (such as our cleaning kit) to keep it looking fabulous and avoid using coir in high moisture areas around the home.

To find out more on the full coir range then take a look on our dedicated pages on our website.