With the continued stresses and strains of modern life it’s no surprise that homeowners are seeking their own spot of calm in home interiors. Whether you’re looking to create a place to cocoon or relax, we look at some of our favourite natural ways to add a dose of tranquillity into your home design using natural materials and resources.

Make the most of natural light

Sounds obvious but it’s amazing how we can sometimes over dress our windows and obscure natural light. Keeping window spaces uncluttered and where possible, without window dressing is a quick way of maximising the amount of light in a room. If you do like to add accessories to window space maybe invest in one stand out item or objet d’art. Making the most of natural light, especially in the winter months is a great way of adding a natural feel good factor to your home.


This does tie in slightly with the above point of natural light as adding a mirror is a practical way of bouncing light around the room plus it looks great too! Whether you go for a group of mirrors or one big focal point is up to you and why not upcycle a mirror by painting the frame to match walls for a more cohesive look.

Neutral Schemes

Although we have chosen a brick white wall to showcase our floor neutral decoration is much more than choosing white paint or accessories. 2021 is tipped to be strong for warm neutral colour palettes so get inspired with earth and nature inspired neutral schemes. If you are lucky enough to have a brick wall (like our image) then why not make it a key feature with a white or paint wash. This can really pick up the textures of the brick and add a layer of calming interest to your home.

Bring the outdoors In with Plants

Plants are not only great for purifying the air in homes, they are a great way of helping us remain connected with the outdoors. Especially during winters when outdoor spaces may be lacking their normal energising green hues a well-placed plant can make all the difference. If you are not green fingered there are now some really realistic or preserved flower options that can add the calming charm of the outdoors.

Natural Floors

Natural floors are a great way of adding pattern, colour and calm to home interiors. Materials, such as jute, sisal and seagrass all have subtle colour variations which when woven together create a tactile and aesthetic appeal. The organic nature of our floors adds another connection with the natural world.

How ever you choose to update your home with natural inspired calm, don’t forget that we do provide a free sample service and a helpful knowledgeable team that can advise you on picking out your next natural floor.