As you already know, Sisal & Seagrass are all about the use of natural materials to create beautiful floors and rugs for homes, so we thought it would be perfect to look at some of the key trends for the year ahead and how these can include natural elements.


There has been some confusion over what Biophilic design entails. It isn’t just including a plant or natural products but more how the materials you chose provide a positive wellbeing and experience for the end user.

Bringing the Outdoors In

Being inspired by the outside world and the environment around us is now more important than ever. Choosing accessories or finishes that mimic or are created using sustainable natural materials are a great way to reconnect with the outside world. The results are often calming and rejuvenating spaces that help homeowners unwind and revitalise.

Plant Power

Whether you are green fingered or not, including plants within home interiors are a great way of adding a connection with the natural world. Choosing the right plant for your room will help you avoid any losses so do read up on whether your latest choice will work for your particular home and light conditions. A range of air purifying plants are readily available online and in garden centres making it easy to choose a plant that not only looks great but can help with keeping air conditions up in the home.

Warm Neutrals

Creating calm is not just about including luxurious and comforting layers but also picking out some of the most peaceful home palettes that can help restore balance in home design. Light neutrals have long been a favourite and warm neutrals will build on this with earth and clay hints.

Tribal Style

We already saw some of the tribal styles that added some earthy tones to home interiors this year. Good news for fans, the tribal theme will continue to be popular along with boho styles. Tribal patterns will remain a feature but are likely to change slightly into the softer neutral palettes that are tipped for 2021.

Whether you set or follow trends, we provide a free sample service so that you can try before you buy.