It’s a question we are asked a lot and can be quite confusing if you are not used to working with natural flooring.

We provide five types of floors that are created using natural materials. These include our Pure Wool range, sisal, coir, jute and seagrass collections. To make it easier, we have put together our top tips on choosing one of our natural floors for your home.


Seagrass is an excellent option for dining and living room areas as it is less susceptible to water-marking than other natural fibre carpets. It’s a pretty easy to clean option, and like many of our natural floors, it’s a great option if you have an allergy susceptible people in your home.


We include a range of coir runners and entrance matting as it’s a tough option for entrances and stairs where it’s tough fibres come in to play. Due to its fibres, it’s good at providing insulation against noise and temperature. It’s a great option to use around bedrooms and living room areas.


Jute is a soft natural flooring option and has a lovely mellow tone. It’s strong, but it tends to not like high traffic areas such as stairs and hallways. It is, however, a perfect option for bedroom and living rooms.


Sisal is a very popular natural material for floors and rugs as it tends to be an all-round performer. It comes in various palettes, and it’s tough fibres make it suitable for living areas, stairways and hallways.

Pure Wool

Many homeowners choose our pure wool collection due to it’s thermal and durability benefits. We source our Pure Wool collection from 100% British yarns, and the patterns are created using a variety of fleece types. This lack of chemical processing makes them particularly popular with homeowners looking for allergy-friendly solutions.

If you have any questions of what will work best in your home, please do get in touch with one of the Sisal & Seagrass team for supportive advice, and don’t forget we provide free samples to help make it easy to choose your next natural floor.