Far from the most inspirational topic (but one that needs addressing nonetheless!) carpet maintenance is critical if your underfoot pride and joy is to grace your home for years to come.

Many a carpet owner has feared the worst when entertaining guests: the glass of red wine, the tomato sauce… a simple slip could ruin your latest investment, and that’s not a feeling we envy.

The answer is to be proactive, rather than simply reactive. There are a host of carpet cleaning products that homeowners turn to in blind panic once a stain has occurred, but many of these will be ineffective and in some cases can make things worse.

Opting for Intec protection with your carpet purchase will put your mind at ease from the word go, whether you share your interior spaces with a young family, pets or careless house guests.

Intec carpet protector acts as an invisible shield, an environmentally-friendly solution that is water-based and without harmful solvents. Protecting without altering a carpet’s colour, texture or even flame retardancy, this product comprises Intec’s new soil release formula that uses anti-static agents to repel dry soil for effective everyday cleaning,

This should significantly extend the lifespan of your beautiful carpet, as once repelled, the dry soil will rest on the carpet’s surface without infiltrating. From here, a simple vacuuming is all that is required! The repellent formula is also designed to work on oil-based spills, so provided the owner acts quickly, tricky stains and spots can be avoided with the minimum of fuss.

We recommend Intec carpet protector is added to any carpet purchase, wool, sisal or otherwise; this is a one application product that is available across the Sisal & Seagrass range.