With 2015 fast approaching, the start of the new year is often regarded as a fantastic time to freshen up our homes, with households up and down the country looking to make changes for the better, whether its flooring, furniture or fittings.

However, an often overlooked area of the home is the stairs; why are these subject to such neglect! When we heard this beautiful home needed a stair refit we couldn’t wait to work our magic, the design of choice Babylon Bark from the Sisal collection.

Perfectly complementing the rest of the Babylon collection, Bark acts as great contrast flooring to the white boards that lie beneath. A light, almost silvery twist on brown, this is an opportunity to breakaway from more traditional yellows and golds.

These organic options not only look the part, they are also robust and more than capable of dealing with the residential traffic they will be subject to. Provided it’s not a wet space such as a bathroom or kitchen, we will be able to fit your dream sisal floor, rug or stair runner.

With an array of bordering options also available, it’s no wonder the latter are proving mighty popular!

For more information or to get a quote, please call us on 0208 558 0887 or email info@sisalandseagrass.co.uk.